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Get Involved

GSG College is an oasis of opportunity – not only for youth in one of the most underdeveloped regions of India but also for you to enrich your life by getting involved. Whether you are a faculty member, a student, an organization, or a prospective donor, you can make your impact on the College in many mutually rewarding ways. 


Key Areas of Need


GSG College’s key areas of needs for 2015 – 2016 include: 

  • Improving English-language speaking proficiency 

  • Increasing computer, internet & technology access and training 

  • Developing career opportunities 

  • Enhancing and publishing faculty research  

  • Contributing to the betterment of the surrounding villages and community 

  • Improving national accreditation status 

  • Developing alumni relations 

  • Improving infrastructure such as adding: 

  • Water filtration system 

  • Computers, printers, and other technology 

  • Cafeteria lunch room 

  • More classrooms and bathrooms  

  • Walking trail/running track 




As a Faculty Member, Administrator, or Researcher, How Can I Get Involved?

Faculty, administrators and researchers are invited are invited to get involved with GSG College in a multitude of ways.  Possible projects include incorporating a service learning project into your class syllabuscollaborating on research projects, collaborating on institutional development, conducting workshops, presenting lectures, and other projects.  Some faculty have done projects with GSG without needing to visit the college, and many have visited GSG College for time periods ranging from 1 day to 1 month.  Projects have included health research and training in nearby villages, technology infrastructure development, establishment of GSG College’s first technology advisory committee, establishment of the OU-GSG study abroad program, lectures in business and economics, assistance with accreditation, and others.  If you are interested in getting involved, send an email [here].  If you are affiliated with Ohio University and are interested in grant opportunities, send an email [here]. 



Why Faculty Member, Brian Collins, Got Involved. 


As a Student from the USA, How Can I Get Involved?

Students from the USA can volunteer with GSG College, conduct research, join a study abroad program, organize a fundraiser, or develop a pen pal friendship with a GSG student. Some students have done projects with GSG College without needing to visit the College, and many students have stayed at the College for time periods ranging from 1 week to 3 months.  Projects have included English-speaking workshops, career counseling, food security research, technology setup, technology training, video production, tennis coaching, and others. If you are interested in getting involved, click here to send an email [email]. To learn more about Ohio University’s study abroad program with GSG College, go to http://www.ohio.edu/goglobal/Programs/India_gender_culture.html.  Admission to the 2015 study abroad program is currently closed, but send an email [here] if you are interested learning about possible future study abroad programs.   



Why PhD Student, Briju Thankachan, Got Involved.



As an Organization, How Can We Get Involved?

are welcomed to get involved with GSG College.  Please tell us about your organization and your ideas for getting involved.  Rotary International and various Rotary Clubs have played key roles in making GSG College what it is today.  Drs. Atmaram and Sushila Gawande were active Rotarians who engaged Rotarians from around the world to get involved with GSG College.  Rotary brought clean drinking water to the College, provided new computers, and established a book bank for students who were too poor to buy their own textbooks. 


Why Donate?

Located five hours away from any major city, this rural farming region is poor in resources—inadequate sources of food, clean water, health care, and job opportunities—but rich in love.  The students are eager to learn.  The faculty are eager to teach.  The administration is eager to provide the best available resources.  When you donate, you will see the tangible impact that even a small contribution can make.  Donations can be made via check payable to SESA, a 501(c) registered nonprofit organization, and mailed to 85 Elmwood Place, Athens, OH 45701, USA.  If you have any questions, please click here to send an email sumeeta@sesahelps.org




Why Donors, Max & Sheila Marks, Got Involved.


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